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She is passionate about many things, but they all have one thing in common: helping others get ahead.

CRYPTO- Sandra Easton is a speaker, educator, and consultant in the Crypto space based out of Canada. She talks on international platforms and helps educate the masses on Web3, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTS. Her goal is to lay the foundational pieces to help people understand the impact of this technology, as it seeps into every industry worldwide. The EASY CRYPTO series was meant as a lighthearted coffee table book for friends and family, and it became a best-selling educational tool, due to their easy-to-understand layouts.

REAL ESTATE: Never to shy away from a challenge, Sandra's career in the Real Estate Industry in Canada started on a dare. As a creative thinker, and with a natural skill set that allows her to explain complicated things: simply, she was immediately the recipient of numerous Provincial and International awards.

Sandra Easton


Commercial Real Estate | Crypto Educator & Author | Dyslexia Consultant |



Sandra has worked with literally hundreds of Canadian businesses over her 16-year career in Real Estate. She has spoken on what makes a successful start-up, how to implement Web3 and tokenization into businesses, the handling of women in male-dominated industries, how agents can to transition from Residential to Commercial Real Estate, and the new technologies that allow for Franctionalized Real Estate.

Sandra was named Calgary's Top Women you should Know in 2020.



Sandra has spoken internationally on the basics of crypto and how blockchain technology is changing everything. The push away from third parties that hold our personal information, into a permission-based internet, how creators and business owners can get paid directly from consumers, and how this technology will change our future. 

Sandra has authored a simple-to-read illustrated book series on all the terminology around crypto and also helps Blockchain Start Ups how to simplify their language for the masses.

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Sandra's middle child was severely dyslexic. It was hard navigating the school systems when depending on the administration, or the teacher that year, things could be drastically different. 

By age 12, her son asked her if she could write a book on their journey to help others, and by Grade 12 graduation, he insisted on it. Dyslexic: Different not Disabled is a mother and son collaborative book on their journey through the school systems k to 12 in Canada and the US. It provides insight for the administration and is a helpful guide for any parent who has a child with Dyslexia.

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