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Sandra Easton

CEO | Author | Educator | Consultant
Sandra Easton Developments | Easy Crypto Books

CRYPTO- Sandra Easton is an educator and consultant in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. She speaks on international platforms, helping educate the masses on Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies,  NFTS, and Definance. Her mission is to lay the foundational understanding and terminology pieces that explain the impact crypto is having in every industry worldwide. Sandra published The EASY CRYPTO series on Amazon as a lighthearted coffee table book for friends and family. It soon became a best-selling educational tool that inspired her to do more within the industry. She now helps Project Developers and Educational Institutions in creating content that is easily understood and simple. 

REAL ESTATE: Never to shy away from a challenge, Sandra’s career in the Real Estate industry in Canada started on a dare back in the early 2000s. As a creative achiever, with a natural skill set that allows her to explain complicated things simply, she was immediately the recipient of numerous Provincial and International awards. Now, she speaks on how blockchain is changing the real estate industry: fractionalization of real property,  security of land titles, metaverse, etc.). 

She loves to organize events and you can find her most days planning some type of gathering for fun and collaboration.